Getting started with data science when you’re already a strong dev

child sitting in front of laptop raising their arms in a gesture of success or sudden understanding
child sitting in front of laptop raising their arms in a gesture of success or sudden understanding
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As you know, data science, and more specifically machine learning, is very much en vogue now, so guess what? I decided to enroll in a MOOC to become fluent in data science. But when you start with a strong development background, it’s quite different than when it’s one of your primary experiences with programming. Here’s why.

Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition

The Dreyfus model states that learners go through different phases in defining how they perceive a situation, which elements they focus on, how involved they are in the outcome, and how they address the issue. …

How to be easily notified of errors raised in your microservice infrastructure on Slack

An image of a data center with an overlay layer oh code in the foreground
An image of a data center with an overlay layer oh code in the foreground
Log monitoring is still a challenging issue on microservices infrastructures

The microservice architectural style provides development teams with a more decentralized approach to building software, each service being isolated, built, deployed, and managed independently. As a consequence, containers have become the de-facto consistent and resource-efficient standard of packaging individual services. Then came the emergence of orchestration tools such as Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, and Nomad. These tools help with automating scaling, deployment, and container management.

Although microservices-management complexity is dwindling due to these breakthroughs, some challenges remain, like the smooth and easy monitoring of such infrastructures. For instance, the ELK stack is typically used to address this need. …

Or why asking questions is an active process to fight our cognitive biases?

A smart person isn’t just a high IQ, although IQ has evolved to include many more abilities than linguistic and logical-mathematical abilities. The smartest people I have encountered in my life share common traits but I argue it is the expression of a single principle they apply (consciously or unconsciously):

Smart people don’t provide answers, they ask questions

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The next point to tackle is the following: why do they prefer asking questions instead of demonstrating their knowledge? Indeed, research has shown that self-disclosure activates our dopamine pleasure centers. Of course, at some point, they answer questions, but it seems to…

In response to this unprecedented crisis, many people and activities turned to digital tools to keep some semblance of normality. In my humble opinion we have a mixed set of results in France and here are some insights about it. More specifically, a fast and forced adoption of digital tools with insufficient leadership has left many confused about what technology can do to help. In addition, the half-heartedness of governmental actors and major industry players to embrace openness and transparency has made this situation worse, while trust is probably our best asset at the moment.

Remote socialization

This is probably one of…

Or reasons to avoid npm and deny the Google Play process

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Screenshot of our Kano application


At Kalisio, we develop open-source geospatial software — that’s to say, software that manages geolocated assets but in a more friendly and business-oriented way than GISs usually provide. We’ve built a strong ecosystem composed of various tools and applications, providing dozens of web services to deliver our solutions as SaaS:

  • Kaabah, a solution to build and operate Docker Swarm infrastructures
  • Kargo, a Docker-based solution to deploy geospatial services
  • Krawler, a minimalist extract-transform-load (ETL) tool
  • Weacast, a platform to gather, expose, and make use of weather forecast data
  • KDK, a development kit to simplify building geospatial web applications
  • Kano, a map…

Or how to increase the time spent to perform the primary duties of your job ?


From the point of view of some folks your job can always be seen as bulls**t at a certain level. To take an extreme example anything but rural peasantry was probably seen as bulls**t by the Khmer Rouge regime. The fact is that the value of a job, its usefulness to society, is a pure human construction. As a consequence it cannot be a matter of discussion. …

This article describes how to extend FeathersJS capabilities to handle custom queries in your tests suite based on the specific example of geospatial queries.

FeathersJS provides a common query syntax, which is a subset of the MongoDB query syntax, on top of its unified service interface out of the box. Any database adapter complies with it and has the same interface as the other adapters. This is really good news because if you’d like to unit test your service you can easily mock it up by using the feathers-memory adapter instead of your actual DB adapter. Indeed, it is usually a better strategy for at least three key reasons:

  • it avoids the headache of running a DB in your test setup,
  • it is more…

Le développement logiciel libre devrait être reconnu comme une activité artisanale d’utilité publique.

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A une époque où l’on cherche à protéger notre savoir-faire artisanal et local face à l’externalisation, et à la vue de l’importance que prend le numérique dans nos vies, je déplore que peu de personnes intègrent le développement de logiciels dans ce mouvement. Je pense que cela est principalement lié à la méconnaissance profonde de ce métier par le grand public, alors même que l’informatique est aujourd’hui reconnue comme une “technologie d’application générale”, c’est à dire provoquant des changements structurels dans la plupart des sphères de la société.

Le développement de logiciels est une activité artisanale dans le sens où…

You might be aware of Geographic Information System (GIS) designed to store, retrieve, manage, display, and analyze all types of geographic and spatial data. At Kalisio we develop Open Source geospatial software, that is to say software that manages geolocated assets but in a more friendly and business oriented way than GIS usually provide. We have build a strong ecosystem composed of various tools and applications providing dozens of web services to deliver our solutions as SaaS:

  • Kaabah, a solution to build and operate Docker Swarm infrastructures.
  • Kargo, a Docker based solution to deploy geospatial services.
  • Krawler, a minimalist Extract-Transform-Load…

the developer philosopher

As software developers I consider we have the opportunity to interact practically with a large audience and build a know-how on complex systems. Maybe more than most people actually do, and this knowledge can be used in your daily life…

What exactly is software development about ?

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First, I must confess that it is often hard to explain what software and software development is to people without prior knowledge. You can find a lot of definitions like “a collection of instructions that tell a computer how to work”, “the art of creating a program which can perform a required task” or “the collective processes involved in creating…

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